Next season we have some changes coming:

  • Pick DIY buckets of flowers for your wedding or events, by appointment only

  • Attend workshops on various topics in floral design and cut flower gardening

  • Rent the Tea House and grounds for your small gathering: bridal shower, baby shower, adult birthday.

    Thank you for eleven years of pick your own flowers, pour your own tea patronage! Your support has kept our garden passion project going all of these many many years! Now, we are much older and we have grandchildren that need us and other things on our plates to attend to…..

    We came to a crossroads this summer….we either need to close completely (because our seven day a week from 9am-6pm, 90 days in a row summer/fall model was not sustainable anymore)…..OR tweak the model and offer our gardens and grounds by appointment only.

Over the years, we’ve had several tea house and grounds rentals that were adorable and quite successful but as we’ve gotten more poplar re: the pick your own flowers and pour your own tea model, we’ve had to turn down many many requests for tea house rental.

We’ve decided to switch up our model in order to be able to grant these rental requests, therefore, the Tea House is no longer open to the general public but will be available for your use as a rental.

As for the pick your own flowers on a drop in basis, this is no longer sustainable for us. We are VERY SORRY. We are offering the pick your own flowers option by appointment only with a minimum base fee in order to make the appointment. We suggest gathering some friends for a PICKING PARTY. The place will be all yours!

We have always offered our place with love and with gratitude…time has ticked on by and now we are eleven years older and things have changed….We do hope you can find a way to rent the tea house for a small gathering or can come to pick your own flowers in bulk and by appointment for your events or even as a picking party. Additionally, you will be able to sign up for workshops on the grounds in floral design, etc.

We will spend the winter working on our rental agreement contract, our bulk flower fees, our workshop offerings. Stay tuned.

Thank you for your understanding and thank you for all of your love and support over the years.

All our best wishes,

Peggy and Dan (and Theo)